Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Accounts


#1 Selena Gomez


This famous US pop star has 89.9 Million followers on Instagram. Her account is filled with selfies, fashion posts and updates on her personal life. She is known and loved for her singing and acting career, and her on again off again relationship with Justin Bieber.

It is worth mentioning that her following are very engaged and passionate when it comes to her account and her posts.


#2 Taylor Swift



She is another famous US popstar with 85.6 Million Followers on Instagram. She is one of the best selling artists of all time and has moved her focus from country music in 2008 to pop genera. She tends to post photographs of her celebrity friends and acquaintances which further help her grow in popularity.


#3 Ariana Grande



She is a well-known US popstar with 78.9 Million followers on Instagram.  She is famous for her singing and acting career. She always engages her fans and even reposts fan pictures on Instagram, which is unique and interesting.


#4 Beyonce



Beyonce aka Queen B is a well-known popstar in the US with 78.1 Million followers on Instagram.  She is also known for her singing career and acting in different movies. Her instagram account is filled with personal life photos and fashion trends.


#5 Kim Kardasian



Kim Kardashian aka KimK has 77.1 Million followers on Instagram. She initially became famous because of her leaked sex tape with an ex-boyfriend and her friendship with celebrities. After that, she created an empire for herself and the Kardashian family through reality shows, social media, fashion and even apps.


#6 Justin Bieber



Justin Bieber aka JB is a famous Canadian born US popstar with 75 Million followers on Instagram. Beliebers/his fans are very loyal and the Likes he gets on his posts are higher than any other popstar. He initially was a singer posting on Youtube when he was young and he was discovered by a talent manager which led to his ultimate fame.


#7 Cristiano Ronaldo



Is a famous soccer player playing for the Real Madrid team, he has 68.6 Million followers on Instagram. His account is filled with personal photos, soccer related posts, product and luxury item posts.



#8 Kylie Jenner



She is a part of the Kardashian family and has a following of 67.5 Million on Instagram. She is well known for her modeling career, fashion posts, her line of make up and involvement in the Kardashian reality shows.



# 9 Kendall Jenner



She is also a part of the Kardashian family and has 64.1 followers on Instagram. She is well known for her reality show appearances and her modeling career. Like other Kardashian family members she is very active on Instagram and she has an engaged following.


# 10 Nicki Minaj



She is a famous US popstar with 60.7 Million following on instagram. She is most famous for her singing and rapping career, acting and sense of fashion. She posts personal photos, fashion related posts and funny memes on her account.

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