Great Ways To Make Money Online




The internet is a great tool to make money with and everyone has a chance to use this tool part time or full time in order to make some extra cash or make a great living out of it.

Here are some great ways that you can try and see which ones work for you and your schedule. Just don’t give up easy and if one way doesn’t work for you specifically give the other methods a try.







There are sites that pay you to do things for them such as taking surveys, use search engines, test products or go shopping and other things. These are great options for people who are looking for some extra cash and want to do this part time on their free time. Some good sites to check out are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, UserTesting and IZEA.






Ok so this one is a tricky one because it is hard to find a large and loyal following. But if you managed to do so then you are really set. Companies and individuals pay between 100-5000 to be promoted on Instagram accounts with large followings. You could absoloutely make a comfortable living with this option. Try to post quality photos and be persistent and on time with your postings. Also it helps if you have a unique platform which stands out.







On Fiverr you have plenty of options to sell your products and your talents or even the strangest things you can possibly think of (such as sitting on a balloon and popping it and sell the video of it to a user! Yes strangely that’s a thing!). Just be creative and offer great customer service and you are on your way to make some awesome income.


Freelance Writing




Ok so if you are a great writer, here is where your talents pay off. You can get paid 50 cents or a 1 dollar per word and you may get hired by companies or specific individuals. First thing you need to do is create a blog or a web presence where you can market yourself and show off your writing skills. After that you can check out sites such as: Listverse, TopTenz, Fundsforwriters, Iwriter and so much more to find work and get hired.


Make Things




If you are into arts and crafts then this is a great option for you. Just start creating things and take great photos of them which you should post on your very own site. This helps you market yourself and for people to have access to you and your products. You can sell your crafts on your site (just create a pay pall account in order to get paid) or you can use other sites to sell your items. Some of these sites are: craigslist, amazon, ebay and etsy.

See what works for you personally and how can you reach out to as many people as you can.







If you have a blog and you have a following you can make good money out of your website. It takes patience and time to get known and a high number of visitors to your site, but it is definitely possible. You can sell advertising spots on your site and make money off of them. You can promote other people’s products or services and write about them in order to get paid. Or you can ask people to join your site and charge them monthly fees.



Make Videos




If you have anything to say or share with the world, then you can make videos and post them on Youtube and get paid. If your channel or your video goes viral, then you will get the chance to have lots of subscribers and can easily become a millionaire. Maybe you have a big personality that attracts people to you, or maybe your have a talent people like to watch, or maybe you like doing weird things and people would love to watch you do that. Whatever is your thing, there might be an audience for it so give it a real shot.



Write Your Own Ebook




If you have a strong knowledge base on a topic or thing, then you can easily make an ebook and sell it on Kindle or Amazon. You don’t have to worry about advertising it much either because these two huge sites have many individuals browsing through them daily. But if you want to have your own website for the ebook and sell it yourself then you can charge as much as you would like (that’s right no limits). However the down side of that is you are on your own when it comes to marketing and finding prospective buyers. Regardless of which way you choose, there is a great potential for making large amounts of money.


Sell Photos or Videos and Other Media

sell phot



There are sites that allow you to post and sell our great quality media items. The sites allow you to resale the items and get royalty on each item which is amazing for long term income.


Become A Life Coach

life coach



Ok so if you are good at giving personal or business advice and people like your personality then this is the right thing for you. There are many sites that allow you to create your own courses and classes. This is a great way to make income and potentially do this as a full time job that you actually enjoy. It allows you to make a difference in people’s lives as well which is very rewarding on its own.



Buy and Sale Domain Names




Some Domain names get sold for small amounts and some get sold for huge amounts such as 50000 dollars. So if you are creative and you have a thing with words than this is the thing for you. There are sites dedicated to buying and selling domain names, so just go ahead and find the one you like.

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