The Weirdest Things To Ever Be Sold Online

A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese



Ok so this Grilled Cheese Sandwhich apparently had Virgin Mary’s face on it and was sold for 28,000 in 2004. The maker of the sandwhich said that the sandwich was made 10 years ago and it never got mold on it throughout the years.



Justin Bieber’s Hair

justin's hair



Bieber donated parts of his hair to Ellen Degeneres and she put them on auction for charity. The hair parts were sold for 41,000 in 2011.



Justin Timberlake’s Half Eaten Sandwich




After an interview JT had breakfast at that specific New York radio station and a DJ picked up the left overs and sold the half eaten sandwich for 1,025$ in 2000.



William Shatner’s Kidney Stone




He auctioned his own kidney stone for a housing charity and it was sold for 25,000 in 2006.



Lunch with Warren Buffet




This lunch was sold for 2.3 Million dollars and was given to charity in 2015. The auction winner was a chair man of a Chinese gaming company.



Britney Spears’ Pregnancy Test




Someone found a pregnancy test outside the celebrity’s home in the garbage area and sold it for 5000 dollars.



Albert Einstein’s Handwritten Letter

albert e



This letter was written to the famous philosopher Erik Gutkin in 1954 and was sold for 3 Million Dollars.



The Meaning of Life




One seller on Ebay wrote for readers that he has found the meaning of life and he is willing to share it with someone who purchases the auction. There were 8 bidders and the idea was sold for 3.26 dollars.

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